My parents left yesterday after an extended trip to France that involved intensive private French lessons in Tours. We also went to see the Tour de France go by in Montmorillon (possible post coming on that but I didn’t actually take any pictures myself…), returned to some of our favorite spots in the Vienne, and got in the car last Friday evening for the long drive (almost 6 hours) up to the north Atlantic coast, to Kerlouan and the village of Ménéham, in the Finistère département.

I love Brittany and my parents have also traveled there quite a bit, but our trips have always taken us further east.

It was J who motivated us to go as a there was a bouldering competition/festival taking place this weekend thanks to the endless boulders on the beaches there. The weather on Saturday was perfect though in true Breton fashion the morning started out sort of misty and cloudy.


In the village of Meneham by the beach


Nobody climbed this one, it was multiple meters high, though maybe it’s possible


Chapel in Meneham village


Beginning of the competition: one of the few boulders not blocked by the high tide




A beach a bit east of Meneham village




We also visited the Musée du Coquillage

It was obviously really beautiful and I would really like to go back up there and spend a whole week.


6 thoughts on “Finistère

  1. I’m curious why Tours is the place people seem to go to most often to learn French. When we were there we heard that the French in Tours is “pure”. What does “pure” French mean, do you think?

    Also, OMG, that chapel! ❤

    • I have heard French people talk about “pure” French in the Loire region and like most things people say about language, French especially, it’s delusional. I think the French in this region, like many other regions though, is fairly standard, so that may make it easier on learners than a place like Marseille where the accent can be strong and sing-song-y (though adorable). Then again, some people may find that easier to understand.

      Otherwise, it was just coincidence for my family—they looked into other places but didn’t get any answers or the format they wanted. It’s also a pretty conveniently short train ride from Paris.

  2. I’m glad you think that the term “pure” is delusional, I agree that it is a bizarre word for any language.

    I’d want to study in Tours because goat cheese, to be perfectly honest.

  3. We’re going to the same area this summer with my brother. I’ll have to let him know about the bouldering – I don’t think he’ll be able to resist these rocks!

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