Leaving Tomorrow!

Well summer is now well under way and J and I leave for South Africa tomorrow. Our bags are mostly packed (still waiting on a final load of laundry), papers are printed, passports and international drivers licenses are sorted.

We’ll arrive in Cape Town Tuesday afternoon for one night before heading up to Clanwilliam and the Rocklands, where I think I’ll spend my last peaceful two weeks watching the rockclimbers, photographing the landscape, tasting Rooibos tea and forcing the rockclimbers to go whale watching on a rest day.

Then we’ll head to the Garden Route for three nights, and finish with four nights in Cape Town, which, frankly, seems a bit short but will probably do the trick. We’ve already reserved our Robben Island tour, but particularly hope to go see the penguins in Simon’s Town at Boulders Beach, drive down to the Cape of Good Hope, take in the view from the top of Table Mountain (weather permitting), and possibly do some sea kayaking (pregnancy and weather permitting).

I won’t have much internet access the first two weeks but certainly hope to write about it when we get back.

Before leaving we did manage to get the baby’s room done, including repainting the walls + baseboards + radiator, thanks to my dad. We made a visit to Ikea last Thursday (yes, it was open on the 14th) and bought an armchair and convertible dresser/changing table for much, MUCH less money than the baby stores around here. We also learned several weeks ago that we’ll be having a baby boy. Attention pipi en l’air! as one of my colleagues said when I told him.

So this is likely my last post at least till our return. In the meantime here’s a little reading:

Jezebel: Journalist Who Went Undercover in North Korea Had Her Book Marketed as Eat/Pray/Love-Style Memoir

The Toast: A Linguist Explains Emoji and What Language Death Actually Looks like

NyMag: The Real Reason You’ll Never Be Able to Parent like a French Mom

Refinery29: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment (gives some interesting insight re: dieting and disordered eating)


6 thoughts on “Leaving Tomorrow!

  1. Enjoy your trip Eileen! South Africa has been on my list for a long time- lookingn forward to living vicariously though you! And congrats – baby boys rock!!!

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