Summer Over

Tomorrow is the rentrée. These past weeks, this entire summer really, has just zipped by as they seem to always do now. I remember my first summers as a teacher felt luxuriously long—I don’t know what happened to that feeling. I really don’t mind going back to work tomorrow and meeting the students, though maybe part of that is that it all feels sort of like background noise for the impending gigantic change in our lives that should arrive around November 5th.

Speaking of changes in our lives, J and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the Dubai airport during the night of July 18th in the company of his witness. We didn’t actually do anything to celebrate, and even the pieces of cake that J’s dad froze last year have been lost because they had a freezer problem (really, we should have frozen it ourselves).

In the name of celebrating the anniversary we told ourselves that this canvas was our wedding anniversary gift to each other:


We bought it at the open air art market in Knysna and we actually had a frame to put it in so that it got up on the wall pretty quickly.

I don’t know when I’ll be on maternity leave, though officially the date is September 23rd for now. The coming weeks, and my doctor, will determine whether that gets pushed forward or back.


2 thoughts on “Summer Over

  1. Good luck tomorrow!

    And happy anniversary! We also froze our cake, and I could only stomach a few bites. We left it at my in-laws for practical reasons, and they actually didn’t mind testing out the cake again.

    • Thanks! I actually suspect my MIL just forgot what it was when cleaning out the freezer and threw it out. Like I said, we should have kept it ourselves but it was such an afterthought after the wedding madness!

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