The Past Week

Well the rentrée is now fully under way. Things are going well except for this ridiculous heat that just won’t stop. Hopefully Tuesday will actually be the last day because French schools do not have AC and I am carrying around a personal space heater all day from which I cannot detach myself (at least for another 9 weeks). It sucks.

Otherwise work is fine and I should be able to push back my maternity leave a little though of course I have to play it day by day. I have a date for a baby shower and I started parenting/labor classes yesterday so things are getting sort of real (I mean, sort of—it’s still almost two months off theoretically).

Not a whole lot else is going on. My mom made and sent us this beautiful baby blanket, which gave me an excuse to take a picture of the crib.



8 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Like CatherineRose, I don’t deal well with heat at all – it makes me feel physically ill. My mother is even worse than I am. I can’t imagine being pregnant.

    That’s so cool that you’re having a baby shower. I was a bit sad not to be able to have a wedding shower (not that we needed anything), but not having a baby shower would make me even sadder. I always loved going to them back home!

    Cute crib and blanket!

    • I hate the heat too, though when I’m not pregnant I can typically deal with the heat in France. What makes it worse is the un-air conditioned classrooms full of students. It makes me wish I had an office job just for now. But the heat wave should be over tonight!

      I didn’t have a bridal shower either. I had a really small bachelorette, which involved a day at the spa and was wonderful. Some things are just different when you lie so far from family—and it’s not just expats. I’m really grateful I have a friend who though to throw a baby shower because I wouldn’t have done it on my own, and I think it’ll be really fun.

      • I’ve never worked in an office with air conditioning in France. Perhaps it depends on the region here.

        That’s really sweet of your friend! Normally, the aunts in my family throw the showers (bridal and baby), but I’m too far away for that.

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