The Past Week

This past week J was in Angers for work, but we spent yesterday in Paris at the World Rock-Climbing Championships at the arena in Bercy. J got free tickets since he is a regional elected official in the escalade world, but we only accepted them for yesterday since I wasn’t sure what physical shape I would be in. We were right to, it turns out, because those seats gave me some serious back pain by the end of the day.

But it was a pretty great show. Sunday we saw the women’s bouldering final, the handi-escalade amputee (leg) category final, the women’s speed climbing final, and the men’s lead (=wall) climbing final.

The most physically spectacular was of course the amputee category. Showing different handi-escalade finals in the middle of the other finals (it was all in the same arena) was an important improvement from four years ago when the handi-escalade competition wasn’t even open to public viewing!

There are a few pictures on the Equipe website here. Rock-climbing has been officially selected for the Tokyo olympics in 2020 for the first time, and everyone is buzzing with talk about the effect that will have on the sport, not the least because the olympic committee decided to have one “combined” category rather than have bouldering, speed, and lead climbing. Speed climbing is a very new discipline and hardly anyone who does bouldering or lead climbing practices it seriously. So in the next few years everyone who wants to compete at the olympics will have to start speed climbing. (IMO Speed climbing is cool the first time you watch—they go SO fast—but gets boring fast. And you can’t start out rock-climbing by doing speed climbing since the route is actually pretty difficult just to get up.)

We took advantage of the trip to go to the newly opened Five Guys in Bercy Village. The walk there allowed us to discover the very pretty park at Bercy. As a former Five Guys employee there were a lot of things that I saw going wrong in the restaurant but I still got my perfected burger out of it (little bacon cheeseburger: hot sauce, pickle relish, ketch-up, grilled onions, lettuce). The hot dog and milkshake will have to be for next time.

Nothing else really going on, except that I’m blowing through The Americans.


9 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. My J is addicted to Five Guys. We now have to eat it several times when in the US. He was so jealous that both you and Sam were there on Sunday.

    Also, I love The Americans. Such good TV!

    • I love it so much. The hot dogs are so good. But my love for it comes from having perfected my burger over months of working there. And also, the Paris prices were really high! So I’m not sure it’s an indulgence I would make regularly even if I lived there!

      • I’ve never tried their hot dogs. I only ate there for the first time a few years ago with my mom. And yes, the Paris prices seem so high! I’m from Midwest suburban America, so fastfood tends to be really cheap.

      • In the States they’re Hebrew National hot dogs, which I think you can just buy at the grocery store. They’re excellent. I don’t know what they’ll be in France.

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