The Past Week

In this penultimate week before my maternity leave, I’ve been getting home and mostly thinking about when I can go to bed. But things are going well, and I’m still enjoying being at work and having a hard time imagining everyone being there without me. Colleagues are very supportive and interested and in turn I try to ask them about their pregnancy and newborn experiences (if relevant) so that it’s not ALL ABOUT ME ALL THE TIME.

We received a package in the mail from my mom this week that got hit hard with ridiculous French customs taxes. In short, they tax the value of the package (without adjusting for the exchange rate, as far as I can tell) PLUS the value of the shipping which is of course very expensive. Then they add 15 euros of “frais de dédouanement” for good measure—a tax just for it having had to go through customs. Next time we will have to be sneakier. But it was really nice unpacking things from the States that I knew my mom had picked out by hand.

In other news, I didn’t watch the presidential debates because 1) it was the middle of the night and 2) I actually hate the presidential debates. I think they’re important to have but I don’t enjoy watching them or all the media frenzy that builds up to them.

Some reading for this week:

These Are the Best American Foods, According to a French Person

The Making of an American Girl: About Addy, and it’s fascinating

Hating Trump Isn’t Enough: We need to talk about why Clinton rules



5 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. I just ordered something online from the US and had it shipped here as they had a deal for free international shipping. I kept the purchase under $150 to avoid custom fees, but I figured I’d be taxed as they seem to be cracking down lately (and taxes are supposed to be added if the value is over 40€, I believe). Everyone is saying the same thing as you. And it was taking forever to arrive and tracking had it at the French border for 2 weeks. Then, suddenly, it was here! No taxes. I just don’t get it.

    • J read something that implied that merchandise bought and mailed directly from a shop isn’t subject to these customs taxes—which makes so much sense right? (sarcasm) But then all the rules are inscrutable so we may have misunderstood.

      • I read that they were. The shop even warns us about that. Other French people have commented about being smacked with them but maybe they don’t bother if they feel it won’t be worth their time?

  2. That American foods post made me hungry… but there are actually quite a few things on there that I’ve never tried.

    I actually had the American girl doll Addy when I was little! I think a lot of the controversy went over my head at the time. Interesting to learn more about it!

    And UGH for customs!

    • There are some on there that I’ve never had too. But sooo many that I love!
      I remember thinking Addy was pretty cool when she came out, and my mom bought me the books. I was way into civil rights era and slavery era historical fiction for a while. Of course when you’re nine you have no clue how charged all this stuff is. I thought the story behind her creation was fascinating.

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