The Past Week

So hey, turns out maternity leave is really boring. Everyone else is at work all day so there’s not really anyone to bug, and I’m uncomfortable doing a lot of things that involve excessive walking or standing. But I’m sleeping so erratically that I am really grateful for the extra sleep in the mornings.

There’ve been a few final preparations for the baby as well as the last couple midwife classes. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with what’s on offer in France in terms of bras for breast-feeding. I’m not a totally exceptional size but shops do not seem to have space for women with small rib cages, and maternity bras also seem to be sold mostly in places where you can’t try them on. WTF? So I’ve bought one at Auchan (not the best size) and I ordered another online… and I’m waiting for the second to come before deciding whether to return the first. Also did I mention they’re not very pretty? And lingerie stores don’t sell them? I think the idea of the French being good at lingerie is a big old myth.

Otherwise we put together the bouncer (finally learned what a bouncer is) that J’s family gave us and it’s sitting in the living room next to the couch just waiting for him.


So enough about the baby, here’s what I’ve been reading to stave off the boredom:

Let’s Stop Posting These Kinds of Travel Instagram Pics Now

Hillary Clinton Was Every Woman During the Debate

Throw Your Top Sheet in the Trash: I have never used a top sheet with a duvet, but I only started using a duvet in France. So is the top-sheet-less thing European?

Obama Reassures Foreign Tourists: “No Other American Man is This Horrible”

The Weirdest Friendships You Find Yourself in When You Hit 30: I skimmed this because it’s pretty long and these didn’t all seem familiar to me, but some of them were pretty interesting.

What Is Up with Trump’s Ill-Fitting Suits? A World-Famous London Bespoke Tailor Explains: Seriously how can a man so rich look so terribly dressed.

Linguistics Explains Why Trump Sounds Racist When He Says “the” African Americans

When Your Old Life Becomes Someone Else’s Internet Sensation:  Fascinating, though it did not make me want to live in a yurt.




12 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. No, no, no. Must have that top sheet. Because feet are stinky. Stinky means mold and fungus and yeast. Mold fungus and yeast get transferred to fabric lying on foot. Easier to wash top sheet than duvet cover!

    • Dad adds that it is difficult to kick off a duvet when you are too warm and easy to kick off sheets and blankets. This is not a Texas thing for him. He is always too warm at night-even up north-and has to be able to kick off some portion of the bedclothes. Put that way it’s hard to imagine one duvet being right for everyone.
      I believe a lot of American differences are due to practicality and individuality (now there’s a novel insight)

      • True, we have a top sheet + blanket situation in the summer. I need some weight on me even if it’s not particularly warm weight. Otherwise in the winter we put our down duvet (redundant in French since duvet means down) on the bed and forget the top sheet.

  2. When I first moved to France, I bought a top sheet. It took me ages to find one which I found odd. I realized soon after that no one seemed to use it. Though it makes sense as the duvet cover is washed as often as the fitted sheet. In the US, I didn’t watch my comforter nearly as often as I wash my duvet cover as it would be a pain to wash/dry for most washers.

    And cute bouncer!

    • Comforters are much more complicated to wash than European duvets. I had one friend who had a true duvet in college but otherwise I never used one till France and it makes more sense, like you say, to just wash it all.

  3. Laurel says:

    Yes! Top sheets are an American thing. Read more here:

    In principle the top sheet should keep your comforter from getting grimy so you never have to wash it (since it can’t go in the machine), but in practice our comforters would get nasty. So now we do top sheet + duvet, like the US/UK hybrids we are. I don’t like not having something tucked in around my feet, but I love how easily washable the duvet cover is.

  4. I spent a fortune on uncomfortable mail-order maternity bras which I never managed to send back in time. Then, about two months into breastfeeding, I discovered by accident that if you wear a normal t-shirt bra with cups which aren’t too tight, you can just tuck it out of the way. Cheaper, easier and prettier!

    • Good to know! I ordered one this summer that I sent back, but it was too early really anyway. I’ve got a couple now so I should be okay for the beginning and then I’ll play it by ear… but still, come on French lingerie shops!

  5. I was on a quest to buy a top sheet at a brick and mortar store here for months, but there was never a good selection! They were either too ugly, too expensive or too scratchy. I caved and bought one from Amazon, but it is excessively long and I don’t know why. So I ordered a sheet set from Target and had my sister bring it over this summer. Completely ridiculous, but it is so nice to not have to fight with the duvet cover as often!

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