He’s Here!

Ça y est, our little Paddy is here!

He arrived Friday morning at 8:34 am after an extremely rapid labor and let me tell you, rapid labor = not fun!

I won’t go into too much detail but we arrived at 3:30 at labor and delivery because my water had broken, and Paddy was in our arms five hours later. They let me into the delivery room at 7:30 when I was 4 centimeters dilated, and a half hour later I was at 10. So… I’ll just let you imagine how that half hour felt as we waited for the anesthesiologist to arrive to give me an epidural that MAYBE helped during the delivery but otherwise was just really silly by that point.

In any case Paddy made his debut with no complications and a nice round head with some hair and we are all now at home after a equally pointless fourth night imposed on us by the midwife* at the maternity ward (seriously, I cried when they said we had stay longer). He is quite small but already back to birth weight and speaks fluent English and French (ha just kidding).

*Otherwise, the midwife was great and managed to calm me down during some intense contracting (as a result of that 4-10cm business).

The last person we saw before leaving the hospital this morning was my OB, who stopped by to bring me my prescriptions and told me “De toute façon vous avez été parfaite.” Which is kind of just the thing you need to hear and endeared her to me forever.


Still in my belly (just after we arrived)


Out of my belly and getting warmed


With Papa


9 thoughts on “He’s Here!

  1. Huge congratulations! He looks absolutely lovely and I’m also impressed by his cool hat selection. Hope you’re getting a chance to rest and recover and that everything is going well.

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