The Past Week

As you might expect the past week has been mostly occupied by feeding, sleeping, not sleeping, and changing diapers. Paddy had a couple of milestones this week including surpassing his birth weight and losing his umbilical cord stump.

There is not much else to report and a lot of my reading is baby related. I swear, I’m paying attention to a few other things—the US election, for example, though I think it’s been good to have something else to focus on because that clusterf*ck is still as bewildering as ever. Hopefully Paddy and I will be watching the first woman president be elected during the night of November 8th—or, even better, he’ll be sleeping! Ha. Ha.

So here’s some stuff I’ve read, sorry, it’s all baby-related!

8 Steps on How to Deliver a Baby (Just in Case): I meant to show this to J before the birth but, well, Paddy arrived before I got the chance.

Nunavut adopts Finland’s baby box program to reduce infant mortality

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