The Past Week with Baby

The past week has been pretty rough in terms of sleeping at night, with the exception being maybe every third night when Paddy lets us get some sleep. J’s back at work till Friday so I try to do most of the nighttime care and I can’t wait till we can share it again—or, even better, till my parents are here at the end of November. But I know these weeks will go by both too slowly and too quickly so I don’t want to wish them away too fast. I already can’t believe he’s two and a half weeks old! It feels like just yesterday we were still at the maternity ward wishing they would let us go home.

I managed to get our birth announcements sent out last week. J took a picture using an Instagram filter the day after Paddy was born and it turned out so cute that we just used that one, despite the hospital background. I ordered stamps from la Poste’s website to avoid going out to buy them, and asked my sister-in-law to put them in the mailbox. I’m happy we did it because there were people who we had forgotten to call and otherwise would not yet have known Paddy was here. (I don’t think the American ones have arrived yet though.)


Paddy’s birth announcement photo, sporting a nursing cushion and hospital bed rail

We took Paddy out for the first time together last weekend to see J’s grandma, and the following day to see his cousin. Then I finally left the house with him by myself to go to the post office and the pharmacy. This felt huge! It’s a little chilly to take him out in the stroller for the moment and I have yet to get up the courage to put him in the baby carrier wrap—part of me really thinks he will fall out. So far now I’m only taking him to places with parking close enough that carrying the car seat indoors is not too difficult.

I’m posting this early even though it hasn’t quite been a week since the last one, because tomorrow is election day in the States and it will feel weird to write about anything else. I haven’t found enough interesting links to make a list. I did however finish watching season 2 of Outlander and sighhhhhh. I miss it already and am SO excited about season 3, but since I watch it on Netflix I’ll probably have to wait like five years to see it. I’m trying out the Crown to take its place but so far it seems to be a bit of a slog despite the fancy accents. Any suggestions for tv shows available on French Netflix would be welcome—not too scary (so not the Walking Dead), please, because I watch in the middle of the night!


9 thoughts on “The Past Week with Baby

  1. The birth announcement photo is beautiful! I am impressed at how fast you managed to get a birth announcement whipped up and sent out.

    I am currently working my way through Gilmore Girls in preparation for the new release, and I also liked the Netflix originals Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (quirky ridiculous humor, not for everyone) and Grace and Frankie (I think I’m the only one who likes this show! But the characters crack me up.) I hate anything remotely scary (except Orange is the New Black which most people would argue is not at ALL scary) and have notoriously lame taste because I like sitcoms. OH and Freaks and Geeks was on French Netflix last time I checked! That’s just quality 🙂 Hope you find something good to get you through the sleepless nights!

    • I could definitely check out Gilmore Girls, because I’ve only seen a few episodes of random seasons. I loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I’ve seen all of Freaks and Geeks. Orange is the New Black was not all that scary until this past season which was definitely disturbing. I may check out Grace and Frankie—I’ve heard or read good things about that one somewhere. Thanks! And glad you like the photo! The key to getting the announcement out fast was choosing it before the birth, and choosing a model that only needed one photo!

      • Aha, very efficient!

        Agreed, Orange is the New Black got pretty dark in the fourth season! Gilmore Girls starts out a little clunky but once it gets into the second and third seasons it hits its stride. I like the quirky humor 🙂

  2. So so cute! Such a great photo!

    I love Outlander (have also read some of the books). Netflix actually has the rights to Outlander in France (they even put “Netflix exclusive” on it), and the episodes are available the day after they air in the US. So very little waiting 🙂

    I second Gilmore Girls. It’s one of my favorite shows. I just rewatched New Girl, but NetflixFR only has the first four seasons. I’m sad that there aren’t more sitcoms available here. I like to put them on at times just for some background noise or when I’m breaking for lunch.

    • I was wondering about that! Good news, thanks Shannon 😀 I know season 3 won’t be out till next spring but at least I’ll be able to watch it right away. I might check out the books when I get back to spending time reading.

      I’ve watched all of New Girl—there are a lot of sitcoms (Brooklyn Nine Nine too) that I started on Netflix and then finished on less legit sites. Like you I used to watch them at lunch time or dinner when I ate alone. Now I’m limited to Netflix because I need a site that works well, no loading time, no ads, no pop-ups… because I’m typically turning it on one-handed or the baby is waiting to eat while I set it up.

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