The Past Week

Well I really have very little to say since my life consists mostly of baby and avoiding the news out of the US. Paddy may have entered a colicky stage—we’re waiting to see how bad it gets/if it continues—but otherwise he’s in good health. My parents arrive this week for two weeks so he will be swimming in English for a while.

On that note I have just two links to share, nothing new for anyone who follows me on Twitter:

Popular French Names You Just Couldn’t Call a French Child: I could write a whole post about the process of choosing a bicultural, bilingual name with personal and family significance for our baby, but I’d have to talk a lot about all of our full names and I probably shouldn’t do that. Suffice it to say that this article got a lot of it right.

The New York Times: Paris, One Year on

I finished Grace and Frankie and am now working on Call the Midwife. Lots of babies which tugs plenty at my heartstrings. Still up for suggestions for when I finish this one!


4 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Um, I’d hold off on Call the Midwife! I also started it a few weeks postpartum and the emotions were just too much for me! Basically any show/movie now with babies/kids is much much harder to handle than before.

    For names, when we did our gender reveal with voting on names, all the Americans liked Felix, which was just not possible in French without people calling him a cat for the rest of his life!

    • Yeah there was definitely one episode that involved baby abduction that went on a TAD too long… but also when I’m feeling frustrated with the baby it does help me to appreciate him. Sometimes I keep him in my arms quite a bit longer after an episode like that.

  2. The names article is so true. The only reason we had a boy/girl preference when I was pregnant was because girls’ names we both liked were a lot easier to find than boys’!

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