Week Five Post-Partum

  1. End of paternity leave is tomorrow night (sad).
  2. American grandparents also arrive tomorrow!
  3. Mastitis (OW).
  4. A radio on static makes a decent white noise machine (while you are waiting for your white noise machine to arrive in the mail).
  5. I met with the other mamas from my childbirth classes.
  6. The baby slept over five hours at once at night. After practically not sleeping all day.
  7. The baby is also over 7 pounds and into 1-month clothing.
  8. We received two Sophie the Giraffes (not that we mind).
  9. I’m still looking for good nursing bras in my size (see #3).

2 thoughts on “Week Five Post-Partum

  1. Yay for 5 hours of sleep and meeting other mamas! And I hope the mastitis goes away soon.

    We’re in the midst of teething right now and Sophie la Girafe is great. I don’t think two is too many!

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