The Past Week

Paddy was introduced to several new things this week: American grandparents, the stroller, clothes, and Thanksgiving. My parents arrived last Thursday when it was sunny and warm-ish so we took him out for his first walk in the stroller. We started taking him out of his pjs in the morning and putting him into real clothes—a possibility now that he fits into all the one-month size clothes people gave us. And we celebrated Thanksgiving with my friends yesterday, the first time I haven’t helped AT ALL. Paddy was very well behaved but did not want to sleep.


Paddy at one month with his Nanna-made cheetah lovey (not the most classic of poses but I like this one)


Paddy with Nanna (he pooped his overalls late in the day and was no longer QUITE as adorably dressed after that)

I actually read a lot of interesting, non-Trump-related stuff this week:

Hey New Teachers, It’s Okay to Cry in Your Car (thanks Dana): My first year I actually not only cried in my car but also on the shoulder of a student’s parent (she was lovely about it)

Actors’ Movie Accents, Rated

Breastfeeding the Microbiome: Breast milk just gets more and more fascinating

My, Myself, and I: About why we capitalize the first person singular in written English

10 Expressions à connaître quand on habite au Texas: I will always remember my non-Texan dad’s reaction the first time he heard me say “fixin’ to”

Comment la France a tué ses villes

Outlander: 5 bonnes raisons de vous y mettre


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