The Past Week

Well my parents left last Tuesday which was pretty rough especially since that night J was sleeping away for work, and Littlest of Men cried till 2 am. We miss Nanna and Grandpa (especially Nanna who was a rock star helping out around the house and singing silly songs to the baby) but it has been good also to be just the two of us (me and LoM) again.

J and I are going on our second outing tonight while leaving Littlest with grandparents. While my parents were here we went to see Allied (the movie with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard) though because I screwed up the times we ended up seeing it in French. At least for one of the stars it was still her real voice! Tonight we’re going to a comedy show with J’s sister and her boyfriend and leaving Littlest with his parents. His mom asked if we wanted to just leave him there overnight and I almost laughed out loud. He doesn’t sleep anywhere near well enough to leave him with anyone else. Also the whole breastfeeding thing makes that a little hard to imagine.

I’ve been working on ordering Christmas gifts and they are all done now. Honestly thinking about the holidays just makes me tired. We’ve been invited for the New Year to go celebrate with our friends who have an 18-month-old so at least that will be chill. I’m going to warn everyone to bring ear plugs. But these midnight celebrations just seem like a bad idea for a tiny baby. Since he doesn’t have a regular bedtime it doesn’t matter too much but we are considering putting a bedtime routine in place this week.

I read a lot of interesting things this past week.

16 Excellent Gifts for Woke Babies: Basically a wish list for Littlest of Men. I’ll probably choose a baby gift for my brother’s baby from this list next spring.

Top 10 des cartes insolites sur la langue française: More than just a tired old map of chocolatine/pain au chocolat! (And a mop is indeed a “cinse” in Poitiers for people from here)

50 Books That Will Motivate, Educate, or Help You Escape: Not sure when I’ll start reading books again. Any down time that peaceful is reserved for sleep for now. But this is a good list just in time for Christmas too.

The Oregon Trail Generation: Life Before and After Mainstream tech: You have died of dysentery.

REI Blog: Sleeping Bag Metamorphosis: Not a type of travel that’s ever called to me, but interesting nonetheless.

NYTimes: Obama’s Sacred Duty: Visiting the Wounded at Walter Reed

The Czech Pastry that Took Texas by Storm, and Keeps Gaining Strength: We did eat kolaches when I was little. They’re sort of like sugar donuts with jelly in the middle. I’d love to get my hands on one now.


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