The Past Week: Omg so big

I feel like we’ve gotten a new, gigantic baby over the past week. We weighed Littlest of Men with his clothes on last Friday at the midwife’s, and he was 4.3 kilos (9lbs, 8oz). He has been smiling non-stop and has stopped crying during diaper changes (unless it’s the middle of the night and he’s woken to nurse). J can no longer lift him with one hand and he is into 3 month-size pyjamas. Where did my tiny newborn go?

We slept for the first time at a hotel last Saturday so that we could all go to J’s climbing competition on Sunday. It wasn’t the most fun ever but it wasn’t the worst night we’ve had either. Littlest slept with us in our bed since the hotel’s baby bed was so gigantic and low and none of us are used to him sleeping in a different bed in the same room. Then we watched Papa and his friends climb on Sunday. The baby seems to be none the worse for wear after such a strange weekend and slept pretty normally Sunday night.

We have cracked and are giving him a bottle of formula before bed as suggested by the midwife when I told her I thought we might have to stop breastfeeding since it was getting too difficult in the evenings and at night. Littlest doesn’t love formula and I have to admit I find it really kind of gross, but I’m hoping he’ll get into the routine and that way Papa can be the one to put him to bed most nights.

The holidays are coming up and with the help of a couple visitors, I managed to get the decorations out (except for our San Antonio market creche which I haven’t found) and J’s present wrapped. As with every year I used the internet (mostly Etsy) to buy presents for my family since shipping to the States is just too expensive and the stores here are such a sh*t show at Christmastime. We’ll be celebrating the New Year with friends in Dordogne who have an 18-month-old so it should be pretty chill.

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