New Year 2017

When Littlest of Men showed up in our lives, J and I started to wonder what we could possibly do for New Year’s. Thankfully our friends who have an 18-month-old invited us to go to their family home in Dordogne for two days, along with J’s sister and her boyfriend. So we were comfortably lodged in two separate bedrooms, which is best for us because Littlest hasn’t shared a room with us since his first week and we never really figured out how to do it. Packing up his stuff and getting in the car at the right moment was a challenge—it basically had to happen immediately after nursing and a diaper change, because this was a 2.5-hour drive and that’s about as long as he goes without eating during the day.

But the weekend was a success and he slept reasonably well, though these past two nights he has been nursing extra at night which is no fun for me. We left on Friday and came back yesterday (Sunday) so were able to relax and enjoy ourselves.


Outside in the chilly sun while we played wollky


Making the entree


The entree




Almost at table

2016 was obviously a great year for us: a great trip to South Africa and a baby, which aren’t really comparable but were both mind-blowing in their own ways. So I can’t chime in on all the 2016 hate, because for me it will always be the year that Littlest joined us.

Happy 2017.


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