Things That Have Made Nights Easier

Note: I do realize that baby posts are not all that interesting for everyone, but this is something I’ve been thinking about lately and I’d like to try to remember it for the days I’ll be wishing Littlest would just get it together and sleep through the night.

There are some things that have naturally happened with Littlest of Men that have made the nights easier, and I’ve been slowly becoming conscious of them lately because they happened so much on their own—so nothing to do with bedtime rituals or daytime naps.

Night feedings with one-month-old Littlest went a little like this:

  • First, change the diaper because he had systematically pooped. Lots of crying during the diaper change because he still hated them. Sometimes he peed himself and so I had to also change all his clothes. Total time: 15 minutes
  • Take him to the living room, put on his bib, get set up with blanket and nursing pillow, turn on Netflix, and have him nurse both sides. Time: 30-ish minutes
  • Sit with him on my lap waiting to be sure he was asleep (in the early pre-pacifier days, this meant with a finger in his mouth). Time: 15-ish minutes.
  • Carry him oh-so-gently back to his bedroom, set him in his crib, and shut the door.

So it all came to about an hour each time. (This all without considering the fact that we never knew when he’d fall asleep at night or how long it would last. On a “good” night he’d fall asleep between 11 pm and 1 am, wake up at 2:30, 5, and 8, and then sleep a couple more hours in the morning. But those sorts of regular nights were rare.)

Night feedings with almost three-month-old Littlest go like this:

  • Pick him up out of bed, sit in the nursing chair, cover my knees with the baby blanket and the nursing pillow, put on his bib (without snapping it).
  • Nurse both sides while reading on the iPhone.
  • Put him back in bed with pacifier and white noise. Pat his tummy because he invariable cries a tiny bit at this point but then falls asleep on his own.

Total time: 30 to 40 minutes. And it seems to be getting shorter. … Though I still wish he could cut it down to one feeding per night instead of two (counting a night as ending at 6 am since that’s when I’ll get up for work).

The other night I got a stomach flu and so had J do his first night feeding. Littlest accepts bottles of breast milk way better than he accepts bottles of formula, but even a bottle of breast milk in the middle of the night was not exactly what he wanted! It’s hard to hear him cry when I know I could just whip out the boob and give him what he wants so badly, but there are real reasons for the times when I don’t do it (such as I just finished vomiting).


4 thoughts on “Things That Have Made Nights Easier

  1. I like reading your baby posts! Glad the nights are getting better. Ours are pretty terrible at the moment, but a “normal” night feed is now 15 minutes and straight back to sleep, so even if it happens a couple of times, it’s not so bad!

    • Glad you like them and sorry your nights are so awful. We had some really awful ones the first two months. Looking forward to those short night feeds… he’s down to about 25 minutes but still sometimes tries to fall asleep between breasts so I have to wake him up with a burp. Now I’m worried about my own insomnia—some nights he’s back to sleep easy but I’m not.

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