The Past Week Back at Work

Gah! I’m back at work and obviously forgetting to blog.

Being back at work has been nice, and pumping has been going well though it is time consuming. If it continues this way I’ll be able to have a little extra milk put away in the freezer for the week I’ll be in Ireland in April. It’s so satisfying to go home with bags of milk for Littlest at the end of the day.

He’s taken to the nanny’s very well and sleeps a lot and only eats twice, for now, which is partly why the pumping is going so swimmingly. Two nights last week he actually slept through the night so we’ll see if that’s a nice side effect of being at the nanny’s (he didn’t continue that pattern this weekend though he only woke once so really I still can’t complain).

Also as of Saturday he was willing to ditch the nipple shield (YAY) which has led to breastfeeding without it and PAINFUL NIPPLES (NOOO). Sigh. So I’m alternating. Still a work in progress.

As for me I went to the osteopath last Friday to get things put back into place since the birth (mostly I wanted help with back pain), and as a result I had a stomachache all weekend. Eugh. I’ll know in a couple weeks if it’s done any good or if I should go back.

Only one link, and it’s baby-related.

Exposing the Truth behind 6 Breastfeeding Myths


2 thoughts on “The Past Week Back at Work

    • Thanks! He naps a lot and seems to hold off on his third bottle until I come get him so he can instead nurse. We’ll keep working on weaning from the nipple shield but for now I’m giving my skin some time to heal.

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