How to speak Littlest


Practice with this baby gift: an elephant w________ (3 points if you complete correctly)

Here’s how to speak to Littlest when no one else is around.


  1. Repeat every word possible by replacing the first letter with a w. Hence the nickname Paddy Waddy. And the trips to the kitchen witchen, or the times we have to change his diaper wiaper. And how he’s the cutest wutest.
  2. Alternatively, add -ity to any word. Like how he takes a nappity nap every 90 minutes.
  3. Combine. So naps become nappity wappities.
  4. Or combine the first with him being the _____ of _____. Like the Paddiest of Waddies, or the cutest of wutests.
  5. Also, try singing a song rather than saying it. My latest was this evening about how he was being grunty wunty. Err, make that gruntiest of wunties.

I mean for Christ’s sake. I am in awe of the silliness of the things that come out of my mouth.

I know when J puts him to bed he sings him a silly song that changes nightly, but just as J is not aware of most of my silliness, I am not privy to most of his (more precisely I am usually already in bed).


4 thoughts on “How to speak Littlest

  1. Haha, it continues past the infant stage… “On change ta cou-couche? On met le py-pyjama? Donne ta ja-jambe et ton pied-pied”… And all of pap’s songs involve the words “caca” lol. But that could just be a boy thing…

    • Lol for now Papa seems to have taken a real aversion to baby poop (not sure why) so not sure he’ll be singing about it soon. Looking forward to the constantly evolving silliness though, glad to know it won’t be over anytime soon. 😀

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