Papers Papers Papers

We got Littlest’s American passport in the mail a few weeks ago and I went and picked up his French ID card last Monday so we are free to travel in the EU with him, which is good because we’re going to Spain tomorrow! We still have to get his French passport before this summer, but that involves an appointment at Poitiers city hall.

So for the next ten years, Littlest will have an ID card that says he is 0.58 meters tall. He’s already 60 centimeters tall, so I find that hilarious. Also his picture is adorably straight-faced. I’ve enjoyed showing it to my colleagues this week.

Tomorrow after work we’ll put it to use as we drive down to Spain, stopping outside Toulouse to spend the night at friends’. This is our first vacation with him anywhere other than inside my belly (see: South Africa summer 2016), so it’s largely an experiment. We bought him a little baby tent for at the cliffside, and we’ll see if he sleeps there at all or if I have to go back to the campsite (we rented a little cabin) after three hours every day.

So I probably won’t write for a week, unless I get really bored in Spain—totally possible given that it’s a rockclimbing vacation.

Here’s one article, about sh*t gibbons:



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