Traveling with Baby Trip 1: Spain at 4 months

Well we are back from our trip to Catalunia. It was fun but also a little stressful for me for a few reasons:

  1. The bungalow we rented was, as they often are, tiny, and had some important flaws in terms of baby naps: no outlets in the bedrooms for the white noise machine, and creaky doors. The heat also was only in the main room so we had to leave the bedroom doors open at night. Things would have been easier (and less fun) if it had only been the three of us, but we also had J’s sister, her boyfriend, and another friend over most nights so it was really cramped and the baby was napping so nearby that we had to whisper.
  2. I got hit with bad allergies about day five and had to actually leave the cliffside.

Otherwise things went swimmingly at the cliffside. The first day Littlest fell asleep almost immediately for about three hours.


Exhibit A: Sleeping baby in baby suit and baby tent


Exhibit B: Tent in context

Day two and day three he slept for over two hours.


Exhibit C: Baby at another cliffside

In his brief moments of awake time, there was some silliness that went on between his Daddy and his auntie.



I was responsible for none of this.

Otherwise he does seem to be going through some sort of sleep transition because he is back to waking up twice a night, at 11:30 and 3:30 (ish). We’re trying to move his bedtime earlier too. I don’t know if he’s teething or if it’s the infamous four-month sleep regression, but so far it’s not too bad—I’m just glad I’m on vacation. Then again, it may be because I’m on vacation that he’s off his rhythm.

In other developments, he turned himself over from back to tummy the first afternoon we were there. He hasn’t done it again but is often on his side.


Improvised vacation play mat, with baby on his side.

He’s grabbing things all over the place and moving around a lot by pushing on his feet.

All in all, J seemed to enjoy the climbing and Littlest is none the worse for wear, though I’m happy to have him home and getting back into the normal swing of things. It was good to see J’s sister and her boyfriend before they move away next week (not far away, but just far enough), to drink a few beers, and even eat some spicy patatas bravas. All the Spanish-Italian-Frenchish languages are fascinating, and we drove through Andorra on the way home, where we ate lunch and bought some alcohol.


Too interested in his surroundings to look at the camera


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