The Past Week

Vacation is definitely different when taking care of a baby instead of sleeping in at will and visiting friends whenever I want. It’s been nice though seeing Littlest again. Tomorrow he’s back to the nanny’s and I’ll be back at work.

Here’s how today went, as an example of our days together and as a souvenir for me when I’ll have forgotten exactly what it was like.

7:45 am Wake up. Chat to self for about thirty minutes, or maybe Daddy, until Mama finally gets out of bed.

8:15 am Out of bed, diaper changed. Still in pjs, watch Mama eat breakfast from my bouncer.

8:30 Nurse. Burp. Shploof.

8:45 Back to bed for first nap. Fall asleep around 9 (at least, Mama assumes it was 9, she was also back to bed for a nap).

10:30 Back up. Get lotioned and dressed. Watch Mama take her shower from the bouncer.

11:30 Nurse. Burp. Shploof.

11:45 Back to bed. Fall asleep around noon.

12:45 pm Wake up. Get packed into car seat with Pooh bear lovey (I haven’t chosen a lovey yet but I have a wealth of adorable choices). Drive to Mama’s colleague’s (who just had foot surgery) house. Be adorable for Mama’s colleague. Get diaper changed on Mama’s colleague’s couch. Then get cranky because Mama is putting me down too late.

2:30 Back to bed in portable crib in colleague’s guest room. Whine a bit before falling asleep at 2:45-ish.

3:20 Wake up.

3:30 Nurse. (Burp. Not much shploofing.)

3:45 Show Mama’s colleague how I can stand up if supported. Wait for Mama to pack up portable crib and get everything else in the car.

Car ride home. Nod off a little bit but not enough to call it a nap.

5 Back to bed for a nap.

5:30 Wake up, Mama is gone, drink 30 mL of formula with Daddy (in other words, hardly any).

6:40  Finish nursing with Mama who has come home.

7 pm Back to sleep for final nap.

8 pm Wake up. Chat with Mama for ten minutes. Then get pjs on, nurse, song, bed by 8:30.

He’s been waking to nurse between 10:30 pm and 12:30 recently which is very strange since we know he can go up to 8 hours without eating at night. So we’ll see what he does tonight.

ETA: He slept through till 3 am and then followed that up with four nights with no interruption whatsoever. So I think we’re back to normal.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty chill week. We did Littlest’s four month appointment where he got shots again which caused some crying but nothing too awful. I took him to see his Mamie last Wednesday and J took him to see his Mémé yesterday while I got in my first rehearsal with the band since Littlest was born. We made some progress on a new song and caught up on each other’s lives.

Here’s what I’ve been reading.

Science Friday video: Male pregnancy in seahorses and pipefish

NPR: The Purely Accidental Lessons of the First Black Bachelorette

I Wore Men’s Clothes for a Month, and It Changed My Life: Makes me want to wear suits.

Why Every Orange is the New Black Inmate Is in Prison (Click on single page view cuz it really does get everyone)


7 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Very impressed with his napping skills! I think that was the age when I started to truly hate naps because it was so hard to make them happen.

    I know what you mean about holidays being different now. I keep looking forward to relaxing and sleeping more, then remembering that nothing has changed for the baby and she’s still going to wake up!

    • It really depends. There have definitely been some painful naptimes. Recently what’s been working is to put him down 15 minutes before he should be tired. He chats to himself but doesn’t cry or need constant reassuring visits. Who knows how long that’ll work though.

      I found myself longing for work a little bit… it’s still a very torn feeling between wanting to see him and wanting to have a life.

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