The Past Week

The past week has been busy and stressful except for the welcome respite of this weekend. We took Littlest to a Kindermusik class and so will be signing up for a full month of them. It’s a nice opportunity to socialize him, to have him hear English and music, and to do something fun together. Otherwise the weekend was pretty boring, thankfully, allowing me to gear up for the coming week, except that now I have a sore throat.

I don’t think I’ve talked about this on the blog—maybe mentioned it—but I’ll be chaperoning a student trip to Ireland in a few weeks. I hadn’t planned on doing any trips this year, for obvious reasons, but when my colleague started telling me about this one, I knew I couldn’t NOT go. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Northern Ireland ever since I started teaching about it five years ago, and I think my feelings about Ireland in general are no secret (=it’s the most beautiful country in the world). But I’m ancestrally a bit biased. The trip also involves some of my favorite students ever, the ones I took to Slovenia last year.

So at J’s urging, I volunteered to go and also to teach an extra hour in my colleague’s class about my family tree. I’m excited about it but it is adding to my already heavy workload this week.

I also am not sure what it’ll mean for J and Littlest. J owes me lots of evenings free because of his rockclimbing habit, and I think things will go well, although I’m not sure how prepared he is for the mental fatigue of taking care of a baby alone 24-7 (single moms you are my heroes…). I’m trying to make up a stock of frozen milk for when I’m gone but it’s tough what with pumping already for the days at the nanny’s. I’ll be taking a hand pump in order to pump a few times a day and keep up my supply (I’ll be dumping the milk, since keeping it seems like too huge of a hassle). Originally I thought five and a half months would be okay for weaning if this trip provoked it, but I love nursing Littlest too much now to accept that easily.

So that’s on the docket in the coming weeks. This is the busiest time of the school year but also the part that typically flies by the fastest.


For Brazil’s Zika Families, a Life of Struggle and Scares: This is heartwrenching, so only read it if you’re really interested. The thought of these parents who must love their babies so much, dealing with so much hardship for them, made this one a hard read for me. I almost had to go wake up Littlest and give him a hug. The article says that these one-year-olds are at the developmental state of a 3-month-old, but Littlest was doing so many things at 3 months that these babies aren’t doing.

He Swapped Email Signatures With a Female Co-Worker, and Learned a Valuable Lesson: Get past the click-bait title, and this one’s pretty interesting. I work in a very feminized profession so I always wonder how much of this stuff I’ve escaped. I know students respect male teachers more, and we just have to deal with that unfairness. But I don’t think the problem carries over to colleagues or principals, or even parents (most of them anyway). There may be a maternal aspect of teaching and caring about young people that’s involved here.


One thought on “The Past Week

  1. So while it was kind of the worst, I would pump after his 2am night feeding to keep up supply and get some for bottles. Though I think I’ve mentioned before how after the first month back at work I just couldn’t pump enough (OMG he ate so much!!) and he got formula at the nanny’s. So this could be the time to introduce that, if you haven’t yet, it doesn’t meant you have to stop nursing if you don’t want to! It’s just less pressure to pump a full bottle each time.

    This time with J will be really really good for both of them, and for you! Either he will call you for every single little thing, or not at all so you call him to make sure it’s all okay, lol.

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