The Past Weeks

The past weeks have been pretty humdrum except that… wait for it… Littlest is sleeping through the night! I didn’t want to jinx it by saying anything, but it’s been almost two weeks now since he last woke to eat in the night, and he did four full nights before that last waking, so I think it’s his new thing. I really did not expect it this early, and was fully prepared to go on with the night nursing sessions for a while, but I’m certainly not complaining. It means he tends to wake a little earlier of course, around 6 or 7 am, but on the weekends we just put him back to bed because he needs more sleep than that anyway.

As parents I know there will always be the risk of a night-time awakening, be it a sick or teething baby, or a toddler tummy-ache, or a little kid nightmare. But I can almost not believe our luck that Littest is doing this.

Granted, Littlest was a truly crappy sleeper his first two months. If he hadn’t been so bad at it, I probably wouldn’t have put in place my strict 90-minute wake time rule (which has since reduced to 75 minutes!). Maybe in the end that routine helped. Or maybe it’s all in Littlest’s mysterious baby wiring and nothing we did has made any difference.

In other baby news, his current passion is trying to touch the diaper pack behind his head while being changed. It involves twisting almost onto his tummy and back behind the changing pad. It is way more interesting than his stuffed bunny though he does like to put him in his mouth. #goals

I leave for Ireland next Tuesday—ermagerd. I’m simultaneously excited and in denial about leaving Littlest behind. I counted all the frozen breast milk that’s in the freezer, and it made my hands really cold. There are only 29 bags which means how many bottles (not 29)? I don’t know, and I’m leaving J and the nanny to figure that out themselves.

Here’s this awesome video of an interview with Fatou Diomé. “Je n’ai pas peur de [Marine le Pen], c’est elle qui a peur de moi.” YES.


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