The Past Week

Well I am now on the last vacation of the year. Littlest is as cute as ever and has cut his first tooth, which I noticed first when he stuck my finger in his mouth. It’s not incredibly visible yet but you definitely feel it when he chomps down on your finger. He’s also eating solids and making hilarious faces every time he discovers a new vegetable. So far, cauliflower seems to have been the funniest though I wasn’t present for asparagus.

The French elections are this weekend and I am in denial as I am with most politics these days. I haven’t yet decided whom I’m voting for in my first election as a French citizen, and I’m finding this two-round system pretty annoying in that it seems you don’t ever really get to vote for the person you believe in, because you have to worry about the second round and ending up with a potential Le Pen-Fillon nightmare. I would make some joke about fleeing back to the States but we all know that’s a huge clusterf*ck now.

So, like I said, denial.

Only two things this week, NOT ABOUT POLITICS:

From WaPo: From “Girls” to “I Love Lucy”: How realistic are New York apartments on TV shows?

And I usually hate viral videos, but this one of mom and baby keeps making me laugh: This is what true love looks like


One thought on “The Past Week

  1. In a way, I can’t wait for the campaign to be over. In another, I’m terrified of the outcome and don’t want it to be over. I wish I could vote already. I’ve followed the platforms and feel like I know more about the candidates than many French voters. I guess for me, the best outcome would be someone who doesn’t want to leave the EU/Euro zone. The economic consequences of that would be devastating, and I could kiss ever having a decent job goodbye. And my husband would probably eventually be in the same boat. We’ve talked about where we could potentially go if that were to happen. We don’t really know…

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