Le Pen au 2e Tour (and no it’s not 2002)

Today I voted in my first French non-primary election as a French citizen. Hurray! I mean, right? Sort of? I did vote in both the Républicains and Parti Socialiste primaries, because after the clusterf*ck of the US election, I was taking no chances. The catastrophical heartbreak of US election 2016 changed a few things for me politically.

I became a pure pragmatist, at least for this election. The candidate I voted for was not the one I believed in, or really wanted to be president. But he’s one I could live with, and one I hoped could beat Le Pen in the secound round.

After almost five months of Trump, any sort of moderation in governing seems welcome, though I will always be a leftist at heart.

I hope French voters can “faire la part des choses” on May 7th and vote a second Le Pen out of history.


2 thoughts on “Le Pen au 2e Tour (and no it’s not 2002)

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