The Past Week


The past week has been truly eventful! First, we didn’t elect a fascist! Hurrah! Then, I became an aunt! Double hurrah!

So, yes, enough people slipped a Macron ballot in the envelope to quash Le Pen’s evil hankerings for the presidency and all the ensuing evilness that would have entailed. I am of course truly relieved. I went back to help with the “dépouillement” the evening of the election and that was also an interesting experience.

But all of that seems almost (almost) forgotten with the news that came barely two days later that Littlest’s cousin was born! So Littlest is no longer the littlest in the family—too bad, I will still be calling him that. His tiny cousin has come into the world and I am beyond excited to meet him this summer. Littlest has yet to meet a baby smaller than himself, so that’ll only add to the excellence of the visit. I may have to come up with a code name for him—perhaps Tiniest? Ahh the excitement of a new baby when it’s not your own is so much less LOADED. I wish I could be there now.

This came on the heels of our good friends’ baby being born last weekend down south. There are so many pregnancies and babies in our lives right now, it’s like a wave of procreation. I love them all but of course there is an extra special space reserved in my heart for this newest tiny little man who I hope will be Littlest’s friend forever.

Reading this week:

Sibeth Ndiaye: L’autre star de “Emmanuel Macron, les coulisses d’une victoire” : I watched this documentary when it was showed for the second time on LCI Monday night, and it was interesting enough, and Macron seemed like a nice guy, but as far as his policies go, it wasn’t all that enlightening. I was sort of fascinated by his right-hand woman, though, Sibeth Ndiaye.

Stephen Colbert is Hosting a Daily Show Reunion to Celebrate 20 Years in Late Night (video clips included)

In books, I’m reading Kieron Smith, Boy, which is stylistically interesting, and Kieron is easy to get attached to (unlike his big brother Mattie), but otherwise it’s a bit of a slog. I don’t know if I’ll finish it. I had just read Remains of the Day, though, which is a hard act to follow.


2 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. My J did the “dépouillement” here for the 1re tour. He told me how it worked which was interesting. I also joked with him that that way we’ll know how many of our neighbors are racist. In case you’re wondering, about 10% at our bureau de vote.

    Aww! New cousin for Littlest! How sweet! Our baby (I need a nickname!) has a cousin that’ll be less than 2 years older than him (and one that is 10 years older). I wonder when my SIL will have another (J thinks she’ll have more kids for sure)?? So many babies around it seems! And it definitely helps to be able to ask questions to new mothers (especially in France!) when I am all clueless. (Thanks by the way!)

  2. The sentence “quash Le Pen’s evil hankerings for the presidency” is my favorite thing I read today. I wasn’t expecting the worst but it was a relief all the same, especially after the U.S. election when I was completely blindsided. I was shocked to see an American in France on Facebook object to MLP being called racist in the NY Times – very alarming.

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt! Welcome to the world, Tiniest 🙂

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