The Past Week

Well the school year is winding down and I am in the middle of oral exams, counting the hours left with each class on my two hands. This gives me a little extra wiggle room for getting things done without the baby, since I leave him for his regular hours at the nanny’s even if I don’t have class (I mean, we pay for it anyway, he might as well keep to his schedule). Among those things: I ordered new glasses with my new mutuelle; I have a new neck problem that will mean an x-ray and revisiting the physical therapist; and trying to get some exercise in.

Next weekend we are going to a wedding in the Pyrenees with all of J’s family, so that will be fun and/or frustrating (I love them, it’s just that baby + lots of people in one house can = stress). He’s still not loving eating puree from me or his dad ever since an egg mix made him throw up three weeks ago, so maybe we’ll be able to get around that problem by having other people do it.

Otherwise, since it’s hot here, we put him to sleep in just his jammies last night (no over-pyjamas), which allows him more flexibility, and discovered that he likes to turn onto his tummy and then cry for us to come save him. I think some of the hours we thought he was sleeping (like just before calling for us for his morning feeding), he’s actually playing around in bed.

I’ve read a bunch of stuff the past few weeks, so here’s some of it.

These Illustrations Brilliantly Show Disney Princesses As Civil Rights Activists

If a Pregnant Straphanger’s Bump Isn’t Obvious, Maybe the Button Will Be

Why Teachers Are So Tired

Imomsohard: Really funny videos from two moms. Definitely check out the most recent one about swimsuits.


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