The Past Week


Wedding no. 1 (Littlest was napping)

Wedding season was short but intense for us this year—two of J’s cousins got married within the span of 8 days. Last weekend, which was a four-day weekend, we headed down to the Pyrenees with his family to spend three nights in a gigantic gite and go to his southern cousin’s wedding. It was fun showing Littlest off to everyone, but definitely stressful, because I didn’t want him to get crabby from not sleeping. It was hard to let go and really enjoy, though I’m glad everyone got to meet him.


Littlest in his Papy’s arms at the mairie (he spent a lot of time in his papy’s arms throughout the weekend—he seems to have a calming influence)

Littlest was so tired from his weekend that he slept fourteen hours last Sunday night once we got home—8 pm to 10 am! I checked on him numerous times and had to pump once, since had nursed once every night we were in the Pyrenees. Since then he’s back to sleeping through the night.


Enjoying some final minutes on Daddy’s lap before being dropped off with Mamie and Papy

J’s parents couldn’t get another weekend off (his dad’s a butcher) this weekend so they offered to take care of Littlest last night while we went to the second wedding, a much closer 2-hour drive away. So this time I was able to relax and enjoy a bit more, though I somehow feel almost (almost) as tired. They were two entirely different weddings though—the first a much more traditional bash, and the second one a tiny wedding at home. I still enjoy seeing the vast and minor differences in the types of weddings people have.


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