The Past Week

The past week has been pretty quiet, and involved, in no particular order…

  1. Voting, again, twice, since J was out of town
  2. Ordering stuff for my parents to bring (a $100-off diaper backpack, baby sunglasses) when they arrive in three weeks (three weeks!)
  3. Experiencing a nap strike by Littlest (it was only two naps in a row, not a catastrophe, but still, I was confused)
  4. Trying to organize end-of-year meetings with colleagues who are busy left and right
  5. Picking up Littlest’s French passport, and being unable to find J’s
  6. Buying plane tickets to Boston for Christmas
  7. Ordering various cute photo-based things for our first Father’s Day (don’t worry, J doesn’t read my blog)
  8. Almost forgetting that I turn 33 next week
  9. Facetime-ing with my brother and his wife about the frustrations and trials of taking care of a newborn
  10. Finally buying some new clothes, including swimsuits (my new breastfeeding size changed that game)

And reading:


Brigitte Macron Inaugurates a New Look for France

12 Brilliant Kids’ Clothing Lines That Say No To Gender Stereotypes


3 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. I’ve already started ordering things for my mom to bring in October (Old Navy had some super cute onesies on sale!).

    I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading what it’s like to travel with a baby. We’re planning on heading to the US in Fall 2018, so that would put him at the same age as Littlest will be for your Christmas trip.

  2. I love having access to stuff from two different countries. I hope to get some French baby stuff with my mom for my nephew when she’s here. Not sure what yet.

    Littlest will be flying on our laps at Christmas and should be pretty active, especially since he is already interested in walking. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • When my best friend’s twins were born in 2015, I searched high and low for baby clothing with French words on it. It was so so difficult! English is everywhere. Finally found things at Kiabi of all places.

      Yep, we want to take advantage of the lap prices at least once.

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