The Past Week

has involved…

  1. Finishing classes for the year and getting my new course load for next year. Things are changing a good bit… and I’m excited!
  2. Dealing with the heat wave, which included buying one of these adorable, super light sleep sacks for Littlest: Grobag Baby Sleep Bags. It allowed us to keep him in a sleep sack without him being too hot—and without a sleep sack these days he gets up to all sorts of shenanigans and we find him legs out of the crib, on his tummy, calling for help. In fact the past few nights he’s been in diaper + sack and that’s it. It’s pretty cute.
  3. Also baby-related, signing up for to share baby pictures with my family, and the special surprise was that my sister-in-law did as well —> lots of pictures of my nephew!
  4. Reading the full list of 185 cosmetic and bathing products that have been found to have either endocrine disruptors or irritants. I mostly read to see if any products we use were on the list, and have since decided to stop with the baby wipes (even though our brand isn’t on there).
  5. Playing in another village for the Fête de la Musique. J took Littlest out in Poitiers and they danced the (early) evening away, apparently.
  6. Turning 33. Weird.
  7. Various end-of-year meals with different groups of colleagues and ex-colleagues.
  8. Listening to Littlest start syllables (consonant + vowel) and watching another tooth grow in.

Other stuff, mostly about breastfeeding:

Painting of nursing mother wins BP Portrait Award 2017

Comment l’allaitement façonne le visage du bébé

Orange is the New Bac: Characters’ advice for French students


9 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Happy birthday!

    I’ll need to read the list of endocrine disruptors – they’ve been on my radar for a while because people keep talking about them but I think I’m putting off doing research because I don’t want another thing to worry about!

    • I really just skimmed it to see if the things we use were on it—there’s a lot of stuff I don’t buy because of having sensitive, pale skin (anything gommage, anything for tanning, face masks, etc.). The only things that we use were the Petit Marseillais gels, but those just have irritants, not endocrine disruptors, and all baby butt wipes.

  2. Yay for being done with classes!

    I’m so torn on the sleep bag thing. We’re going to use them, no question there, but when he’s born, it may still be hot out, it may not. It’s so hard to decide what tog level to buy for 0-6 months. We already have a few tog 2s but debating if we need a tog 1, and they’re not the cheapest things… Any suggestions for where to find cheaper ones (no more vide greniers coming up in our area)? The site you shared will be a good option for next summer!

    Tinybeans looks like such a good idea! Is it user friendly? Not necessarily for us, but for like my mom who is technology illiterate? Gmail is hard enough for her.

    • Never mind on where to find cheaper sleep bags. I see Kiabi has some. How many do you think is a good idea to have for a certain temperature? Is one enough to start? Or should I at least have 2? It’s only for the hot temps at the smallest size where I’m debating…. And I’m not even sure how warm/cool it’ll be at the hospital… My first appointment there is mid July, but the sales are starting.

      • These days there aren’t many diaper accidents so we only need the one light one. At the beginning we were washing them a lot more often because of leaks. But we still only had two very small ones (including one truly tiny one but Littlest was a tiny baby). Then we had three of the next size up that lasted us until we had to switch to the surpyjama. But all of ours were hand me downs or second hand up until that surpyjama.

      • We’ve only bought one ourselves so far (from Ikea). All the others were given to us. I guess we’ll get two light ones just in case. It could still be quite warm late August/September. And if not, he could always wear warmer PJs under. And what is a surpyjama? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. I googled, but I don’t really get it?

  3. Just keep in mind you’ll be doing a lot of laundry no matter what.

    You may want to set up your moms preferences on tiny beans for her but otherwise for viewing I think it should be easy… there is an app if she has a tablet or smartphone which are generally simpler then computers (thinking of my technology averse in laws).

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