The Past Week


Hand, foot, and mouth disease (obviously the rash was not contained to those three places)

This past week didn’t go quite as planned.

  1. J sprained his ankle last Saturday night, so we spent Sunday at the ER waiting to learn that it wasn’t broken and he didn’t need a cast (phew—that would have seriously screwed up our vacation plans). So he’s on leave till next Wednesday and has been sitting around the house not changing diapers because he can’t hold the baby and walk at the same time.
  2. We have in fact all been home all day the past two days because Littlest got hand, foot, and mouth disease, also known as coxsackie virus, a really common virus among babies and small children. He woke up with spots on Thursday morning but I still took him to the nanny’s. She texted two hours later that he had a fever so I went to get him and take him to the doctor. Coxsackie is really contagious and Littlest’s fever made him miserable that afternoon so he needed to be home with us. He still has all the gross spots but his fever’s gone. So he missed his last two days at the nanny’s before summer vacation. 😦
  3. Our recycling bin was stolen from our sidewalk. I am not kidding. This happened over two weeks ago and it took us two days to realize it, because both of us just thought the other had put the bin away. But no, it was stolen, and I e-mailed the mairie and got no response. J called a few days later and they told him we had to go press charges at the police station in order for them to do anything about it. This was pretty irritating because our recycling was piling up and given that J can’t drive, getting to the police station seemed a long way off. However in true French fashion, without any further explanation, a brand new bin appeared in our yard yesterday evening (with our address on it).
  4. My mama arrived today! She’ll be spending the week with us till my dad arrives on Friday and they go to stay at a B&B.

In French news, Simone veil died yesterday, so I spent the day reading up on her:

IVG: le jour où Simone Veil a partagé sa «conviction de femme» (

VIDEO. Simone Veil, une vie de combats (Francetvinfo)

Simone Veil, Ex-Minister Who Wrote France’s Abortion Law, Dies at 89 (New York Times)

And a couple other things:

I found this baby sleep site, and especially this article: A Letter to Your Family about Sleep, which I felt justified and confirmed a lot of the attitudes I’ve had about Littlest’s sleep ever since things started working for us at 8 weeks. It has been an interesting read and has helped encourage me in the 3 to 2 nap transition, but I do worry that it puts unnecessary pressure on parents to think that if their baby has sleep problems, it must be something they are doing wrong.



8 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Reb says:

    Oh, man, that sounds like a difficult week! Hang in there! Hopefully having your mom there will provide an adult hand just when you need it. I hope baby and papa get well soon!

    You said, about the sleep training site, “I do worry that it puts unnecessary pressure on parents to think that if their baby has sleep problems, it must be something they are doing wrong.” Reminds me of some of the militant and semi-militant pro-breastfeeding sites, in which everyone and their babies breastfeed perfectly unless the timing/position/breast stimulation/etc. is done wrong. It’s anxiety-inducing event when your baby is doing just fine…

    • Actually, it hasn’t been so bad. When you know why people (baby, husband) are not feeling up to snuff, it’s a lot easier to deal with. And Littlest slept hard during his fever.

      I do think parenting requires a good amount of trusting yourself and sometimes throwing advice out the window!

      • Reb says:

        Ironically, that sounds like good parenting advice!

        I’m glad haven’t had too difficult a time of it and that the little one slept well through much of it.

  2. So sorry to see such a sick Littlest! Hopefully having Nanna in town will make it feel better 🙂

    Also so devastating about Simone- thanks so much for these links!

    • Thanks Canedolia! His fever ended after the first day and the spots are going away now. He’s been clingier but that may not be the sickness, not sure. Unfortunately he passed it on to me so now I have to get over it.

  3. Aww! Poor Littlest (and J)!

    I’ve been avoiding reading things like “how to get baby to sleep” and the like as I don’t want the added pressure. At least at first. I just want him to get here and for me to be able to safely take care of him. I stress out too easily.

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