The Past Week

Well, the past week has been a handful. Fortunately my mom was here to help out. Monday, when I was supposed to go to my last meeting of the year, I came down with a 39.5° fever—Littlest had given me his virus. I didn’t get any spots but I did get sores in my throat that just now seem to have stopped hurting.

I let my mom and J take care of Littlest for almost two days and once I got to feeling better I noticed that he is in the middle of a wonder week. He’s almost crawling, he’s started to raise his arms to ask to be picked up, and he’s apparently learning all sorts of other invisble stuff like categories of things.

So it hasn’t been the easy-going, dreamy week I had hoped for, with daily walkies (it’s also really hot), baby pool swims (he cried in it yesterday), and other outings. I’m focusing on maintaining his two good naps and figuring out his new bedtime, and oh yeah, cuddling him through this overwhelming time.

I found some parenting websites and blogs I delved into, though I find myself needing a break from that now:

French Pregnancy and Parenting in France

Mummy in Provence: Bridging Gaps in Global Parenting

Rants from Mommyland

In non-baby news, J and I did manage to go out for drinks last night and I had a great time (thanks Mom for babysitting). I’m looking forward to going out for our second anniversary in a couple weeks. He’s hoping to take up sewing which is surprising and wonderful, so went and bought some fabric yesterday as well (though I started feeling awful and was of less help than I’d hope to be—story of my week).

In other reading:

Bac 2017 : plutôt que de moquer les « perles » des candidats, une enseignante recense leurs traits de génie

27 Titus Andromedon Quotes That Will Make You Say “Same TBH”: This article (like Titus) is a gift for anyone having a hard day (or a good one for that matter)


2 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Oh no! But you’re all feeling better now, I hope?

    A friend recommended the book The Wonder Weeks to me. Have you read it? I’ve been meaning to download it for my Kindle but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll have to check out those blogs!

    • I found out about the wonder weeks when Littlest had already gone through a number of them so I wasn’t sure it was worth the money at that point. Otherwise, I would really love to have it, so if I were you I would go for it. Or you can get the app which alerts you when one is coming up.

      I am finally feeling better and Littlest has been less crabby for the past almost 24 hours so things seem to be looking up.

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