The Past Week

Well not much to report here, the past week has involved lots of hanging out with grandparents, and we’re taking Littlest to the beach for the first time tomorrow, so that should involve lots of sand and probably a bath after.

Littlest seems to be back in better form, which is good because we are hauling him up to Paris Wednesday night and across the Atlantic Thursday. Yikes. But we are also very excited about it because we are going to meet his cousin Tiniest of Men who looks like he is really starting to interact with his surroundings or at least his surrounding people.

I did take a few hours off this week of baby-ness and go to La Roche Posay with my mom to soak in the spa’s jet pool and hot tub. It was relaxing and made me sleepy. I’ll have to go back some day for a skin treatment.

So here’s a little reading:

The Biggest Differences Between Teaching In France and Teaching in the USA: I found pretty much all of this to be true to my experience in French schools, though I never taught in the States.

Emily Writes: Five things parents need to stop doing right now: Funny, and then suddenly really touching

Board Books to Get Baby Talking (I want these) and relatedly How to Raise a Reader



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