The Next Week

Well my parents’ trip to France is pretty much over. Tonight we head up to CDG to spend the night and then leave tomorrow for Boston. As usual I am wondering last-minute if this plan is actually absolutely insane (see: trip to South Africa pregnant, trip to Ireland without my five-month-old, moving to France for “7 months“) but hopeful that it will turn out to be great.

So I don’t know if I will be writing much since there are a number of important people to see while we’re over there. In ten days I’ll make my way back across the ocean with Littlest to be reunited with J in the Munich airport at 8 am, after a sleepless night flight (not just because of Littlest—I never manage to sleep on the plane). Five days after that we’ll be back home in our own house, though we are going down south five days after that for a long weekend just the three of us.

So with that said I’ll go back to being sad about saying goodbye to J in about two hours.


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