The Past Week

The countdown to the holidays seems to have started, and as usual I have no idea what to get J for Christmas. I have a ton of ideas for Littlest thanks to lists like this one—mostly hankering after that baby doll and the soft fake food from Ikea. Work meetings have picked up too which means a lot of later evenings this month. But my parents will be here in 8 days so that’s pretty exciting. We’re trying to slowly prepare for Christmas in Boston, including acquiring a body suit for Littlest that we will also use in the Alps in February (yes, we’re returning to the Alps… I’m not excited and am not planning on skiing).

Otherwise things have been busy with visits from friends with babies, seeing more farm animals, and our regular Saturday Kindermusik classes.


18-month sized (!!!) body suit


baudet du Poitou

Littlest hasn’t been sleeping through the night since the rentrée, so last Monday night we decided to try sending J instead of me to comfort him when he woke. Bad idea: cue 40 minutes of crying and an hour of lost sleep for us. So for now we’re back to following my instinct… which is to get up for the 12 minutes it takes to nurse him back to calm.

Here are a couple things I read this week:

How Facebook Figures out Everyone You’ve Ever Met

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton phone calls: Fake transcripts shared on social media after declassified records released (Old, but funny)

One thought on “The Past Week

  1. Such a cute little snowsuit! Where will you be in the Alps?

    I love Ikea’s kid things. I always check them out when we’re there. I can’t wait until A is old enough.

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