I’m on vacation! I survived the cursed month of March and made it to the spring vacation. I had a lovely but tiring time hosting our exchange partners’ teachers, thankfully with multiple lovely colleagues helping out. All of that along with oral exams, practice exams, grading, and evening meetings, made this the worst March of the past seven years, in terms of workload.

So here we are and what do we have planned? Hanging out with Littlest all day has gotten … umm … boring and annoying (in French there’s one word for both those things). So I’m trying to take him out a couple times a day, pre- and post-nap, for a walk, to a store, to a playground… we’ll see how it goes.

Otherwise, this Thursday we are heading to Fontainebleau to go bouldering with the rock-climbing club for four days. We have been preparing Littlest for this trip for a while, by which I mean buying various pieces of equipment. Using this post from Pregnant Chicken as inspiration, we are now hooked up with:

  1. a toddler camping bed: basically a little tent with a mattress that he can nap in during the day
  2. a harness: yes we are going to leash him to a tree if necessary (and it will probably be necessary)
  3. rain pants and a rain coat: hopefully I can cover him in these and the amount of dirt he gets into won’t matter

So, we’ll see how it goes! It’s rock-climbing trip number three with him and since he changes completely in between trips, one will never be like the others. All of this stuff will be useful for a few years, and we’ll be heading out again on a trip in May.

He will also soon have a little table and chairs thanks to my parents. (But those are staying home.)

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