In the midst of the sh*t storm that is US politics, let’s focus on something completely unrelated.

J finally finished renovating the wall where our gigantic wood stove used to be, so we’ve been able to rethink our living room, including putting away Littlest’s many toys which used to just have a sort of designated spot to be at the end of the day.

We’ve been trying to teach him to put toys away before getting out other toys. Sometimes he’s into it and sometimes he doesn’t care, but I think the message is getting across.

So most of his toys are stocked in different boxes that go in this basket, which used to be for logs for the fire. The sort of loose end toys go in the bag.


He also has this little drawing and reading space, or more like a space for pushing chairs around half the time.


And his little car gets parked between two cabinets.


As my life is a constant and lonely struggle against clutter, I’ve found some solutions for the bathroom that seem to help.


Since I always go to bed before J, he undresses in the bathroom and his dirty clothes live there. Our bathroom is a little tight for space so I found this hanging laundry hamper at Alinea and stuck it on the towel rack. It works pretty well.


I mean, sort of.

For over a year I subscribed to Birchbox and accumulated a good number of toiletries pouches and pretty boxes that I used to keep things vaguely sorted in the bathroom


Make-up , eye care, sleep aids, and a first aid care pouch top right


It’s not perfect but at least it’s pretty.

Recently I found a product to get rid of all the gross graying grout in our shower that no amount of cream of tartar and scrubbing with a toothbrush could get rid of.



LOOK AT THAT WHITE GROUT. Would you believe that’s not a BRAND SPANKING NEW shower? (Ignore the grubby stainless steel fixtures.)

Finally, J made a bookshelf for Littlest’s growing book collection as well.


Littlest enjoys putting his books away now (sometimes) so in all honesty, they are not usually right side up or even the right direction like they are in this picture. It’s a motor skill in development. (All his more fragile books are in a higher shelf in the closet which I don’t think he’s happy about.)

Any satisfying anti-clutter tricks out there?

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I bought that grout cleaner after seeing your post and it works so well! So much easier than scrubbing with a toothbrush and a better result.

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