The Past Weeksssss

So many weeks! Well, like three or four. The truth is I haven’t been home much. Hopefully I’ll have time to write more about the specific things going on because they did involve traveling and music, but here’s a summary:

  1. Grading and jurying the bac
  2. Visiting with my parents who came to town
  3. Going to a beach house in the Vendée for a week with them (and with J for part of it)
  4. Watching France’s win at the World Cup
  5. Galavanting off to Normandy with the band
  6. Going to one evening of a music festival

Now we are home for the coming week, and then running off to the Alps again for two weeks of family vacation with some other rock-climbing friends.


Outside Online: Tough Love: A column for adventurers, and though I don’t completely adhere to the metaphors in this specific response, it’s an interesting read

14 Surprising Things About Parenting in France: This should really be “surprising things about parenting in a village in Provence”, and not “France,” but it was also a good read.

Authors steer boys from toxic masculinity with gentler heroes: Future reading for Littlest? (For now he’s pretty into farm animals)

Minnesota novelist Marlon James offers peek at new series he calls ‘African Game of Thrones’: I’ll get on board with this.

The Buffalo sentence explained

Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador about suggesting that the French World Cup win was (also) a win for Africa

Autisme : comment on veille sur la santé des enfants qui ne parlent pas

We Are All Public Figures Now (about the twitter story about a man and woman who sat next to each other on a plane)

Hopefully I’ll be back soon during Littlest’s nap time this week to write about the places I went.

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