Brive Festival 2018


Once my trip to Normandy with the band was over, I hung out with Littlest for two days before we dropped him off at his grandparents’ for the weekend to go to a music festival in Brive-la-Gaillarde. It has the no-nonsense easy-to-remember name of Brive Festival.

Not really being into standing for long amounts of time in large crowds, I haven’t been to a music festival in a while so this was sort of an exciting change of pace. The festival ran Friday to Monday nights but since J wasn’t on vacation we just went for Saturday evening.

We also got to walk around Brive for the afternoon as there was a small Off festival. It was actually a pretty charming town, smaller than Poitiers but with multiple record stores and hand made/art shops.

Our evening of the concert consisted of Eddy de Pretto, Brigitte, and Orelsan. I had come across Eddy de Pretto while watching the Victoires de la Musique a few months ago (let’ be honest I was a little late to the game) and he is way interesting. As the mom of a little boy, I get that his hit Kid is an important and also catchy song, but also it breaks my heart so I’m not sure I’ll ever hum along to it.

So I bought his album when we got home.

I already had Orelsan as a sort of Mother’s Day present from J. I’ve found him to be one of the rare artists who gets more interesting as you listen more (sort of the opposite of every song on the radio that is over played), and his show was wildly satisfying.

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J’s third picture in the series shows Orelsan without sound (since our phones aren’t great recording devices for such heavy bass).

Anyway it was really fun and interesting to get out and see live performances from these people.

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