Nothing exciting is going on in our lives, really, because of COVID, of course. But life does continue and mostly, little boys do continue to grow and change.

Littlest has shown some more skills in English lately, saying a sentence here and there to me entirely in English. We never have a full conversation in English, but then, we rarely have actually full conversations period since he’s four and his brain wanders off in random directions when you ask him more than one question about his day. Most of the sentences he makes start with There’s (a)/It’s but recently he tried out I got and he even said to me once “My skin is dry.” Otherwise there’s a lot of mixing, like when he asks to go to the playground (“Je veux aller au playground Mama”) or narrates with his toy figurines (“Nous on est take a nap”). So my little bilingual experiment (=son) is still progressing.

As for Even Littler, he’s now mobile, not exactly crawling, but slithering and wiggling faster and faster across the floor. Littlest is getting a good hold on which toys he’s allowed to touch and which are dangerous and need to be taken away. He would be pretty good at watching him if he (Littlest) weren’t always so interested in following us around. Sometimes I wish he would just stay put playing next to him since I trust him to alert me to a major problem if I’m briefly in another room.

In the hopes that travel will be again possible in the not too too distant future (but who knows when), I’m applying for his French passport this week and we’re heading up to Paris to do his birth declaration and US passport next week. We had planned to do a little more than that but with the new lockdown it will just be a short trip.

We started this week on an upstairs renovation that we dreamt up during lockdown last year: a room in the attic above our living room. This part of our house is pretty old, so the attic is large and would make for a room you can easily stand up in. Unfortunately we haven’t found a contractor to do the work that we don’t want to do yet (=insulating, putting in a skylight) so J took things into his own hands this week and did the hole in the ceiling, which Littlest found VERY interested.

Otherwise I’ve starting poking around the agrégation subjects again and my plan to do the externe exam again next year is still holding. I’ll probably sign up for a distance course with the CNED like I did for the CAPES ten years ago, though I had mixed feelings about its quality. At least I’ll be able to work at my own pace.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. A is obsessed with the verb “have”. He tends to use it instead of “there is” and the like. It’s quite cute but trying to break him of the habit as he’ll most likely be going to school in English next year.

    I feel you on the Paris front. A is at that point where he’s really an active participant, so I had thought our trip to the Embassy would involve showing him around Paris a bit. Instead, it’ll most likely be the Embassy and sandwiches on a bench and then just home. Such a waste of a trip.

    Good luck with the renovations! We’ll be attempting to replace our bathroom roof ourselves this summer.

    • Interesting about school in English! We don’t have that kind of thing in our mid-sized city.
      Also FYI you can see the Eiffel Tower from Place de la Concorde, but we did walk to it with the baby in the Ergobaby and Littlest walking the whole way. There were things to see and climb on on the walk, we took our time. He didn’t get tired or bored. We found a bakery near the tower and ate lunch in the grass. One of the guys selling the super cheap Eiffel Tower figurines gave him one for free (we had no change). So you can still at least do those kinds of things!

      • It’s a European School, and it just opened like two years ago. We’re super lucky. Though this does mean they’ll be doing the European Bac as opposed to the French one. Otherwise, we’d have to go (super expensive) private (so no) or send them to Lille when in collège/lycée (also no).

        We’ll probably also walk to the Eiffel Tower if the weather is nice. A is a good walker (we walk to school and to the city center all the time), and of course, we still have our trusty Ergo for T. I think we’ll take a picnic lunch just for ease and eat around the tower. I think A will love it.

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