Looking at every flower on the walk home from school

I thought I’d give an update on our grandparent situation, since I’ve written about it here. My mom did successfully come to France for about 9 days, and go home. It wasn’t much trouble at all to get her an antigenic COVID test at a pharmacy two days before her flight, with a print-out of the results.

It felt so good I wasn’t even sad when she left, if that makes sense. Littlest was, though (sad). We had a really wonderful time with her getting to know our family routine again, and seeing how much he’d changed over the past 16 months. Things I’d forgotten about, yet that we’d worked on, like dressing himself.

She took care of Even Littler during the day and often went to get Littlest at school on foot. She noticed things about a baby that only a grandparent notices, like the way he plays with certain toys or raises his arms in the air.

Scheduling worked out such that I picked her up at the station, dropped her things off at home, and then we went to get Littlest at school at the end of the school day when their teacher brings them to the front gate (COVID rules) and calls them one by one. He was so happy to see her. (She’s not the only grandparent in that kind of situation—I chatted this past week with a couple other grandparents who were dropping their grandkid off at school for the first time this year.)

She’s supposed to come back with my dad and my aunt at the end of the month. Fingers crossed the Delta variant and the voluntarily non-vaccinated (WTF PEOPLE) mess with that trip as little as possible.

Littlest has now finished Moyenne Section and is on vacation for the summer, and very confused about timelines. He keeps saying that he’ll be in Grande Section tomorrow or the next day, or that we’re going to Nanna and Grandpa’s house this weekend (we’re going for Christmas). Or that his trip to the farm is this afternoon (it’s next Monday). It’s so different to be little.

2 thoughts on “Retrouvailles

  1. How nice that your Mom was able to travel to France for a visit! It sounds like she was eager to see the grandkids, which is entirely understandable as the little ones change so fast. I haven’t seen my (adult) daughter since last summer and have my fingers tightly crossed that she will finally be able to make it here from the UK in early September. So far, every time we’ve planned a trip, it’s been cancelled due to increased restrictions. 🤞

    • Yes she was especially eager since she hadn’t yet gotten the chance to meet the second boy. Borders had been closed since the second trimester of my pregnancy. This trip was an almost last-minute one when borders opened up—might be the surest though surely not simplest way to go…

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