Oh Punaise

It’s been months. Lots has happened and at the same time not much has happened, compared to last year anyway.

My parents came back at the end of July. We spent a few days in the north of the Dordogne and went to Lascaux where I tried to keep Littlest engaged (not too hard really) and Even Littler snuggled on his grandpa in the baby carrier. Then the four of us went down south for a rock-climbing trip with friends. Even Littler mastered his crawling skills on the uneven terrain at the bouldering sites (Targassonne). One of our friends commented that in 20 years Even Littler will probably be on Man versus Wild. It’s true that people tend to worry that he’ll hit his head on things or tumble when I know from experience that he’s pretty tough and been practicing not doing such things for months.

He turned one at the end of the summer and started walking a couple weeks after that. He’s slowly getting steadier and faster, going up or down a step without crawling. He likes to bring us a book and ask to look at it. I get the feeling though that he wants to see one specific thing in each book because he’s rarely interested in the whole story right now.

Littlest went back to school (Grand Section) and this year with both his teachers they are doing 30 minutes of English a day. I of course didn’t learn this until the parent meeting at the end of September. Apparently he loves it (says, again, the teacher—Littlest would never tell us such a thing…).

His American accent is perfect. His syntax is sometimes a little weird, copy-and-pasted from French or some invention of his own. Like when we take turns during a game, instead of saying, “It’s your turn,” he’ll say, “It’s at you.” And he hasn’t figured out questions: “Have you got can see me?” for example is pretty typical. So my little bilingual experiment number one is still giving me interesting data.

He turned five two days ago. We were going to take him to Paris today but the SNCF struck again (see what I did there?). Fortunately it was a surprise and we hadn’t even told him before we got the message that our train back was canceled, so we had to cancel the trip, for now at least.

In any case we are going to the US for Christmas, planning a couple days in NYC since my parents now live only two hours away. Littlest is looking forward to it. I’m hoping there won’t be any strikes to get in our way and that we won’t be too exhausted. But it’s high time we saw my parents’ new house and my nephew who was born in … January 2020… who I have yet to meet.

What do you think?

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