All My Breastfeeding Links Ever

Personal and/or Funny:

Une maman dix trucs: Sevrer un enfant de 2 ans ou plus

The Truth about Not Being Able to Breastfeed: from a woman with insufficient glandular tissue


En quoi le lait maternel est-il supérieur (au lait infantile) ? Or here for just the infographic

CRAT: Centre de référence sur les agents tératogènes (Medication when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding)

A Tire D’Ailes: L’Alimentation à la crêche après six mois (and everything else on this site)

Breastfeeding Support

Kelly Mom

Breast versus Bottle: How much should baby take?

Global Health Media: Breastfeeding in the First Hours

Hot Milk Magazine (in French)

Comment l’allaitement façonne le visage du bébé

The New Yorker: Breastfeeding the Microbiome

Pregnant Chicken: Exposing the Truth behind Six Breastfeeding Myths

The Alpha Parent: Timline of a Breastfed Baby

Et si on parlait allaitement?

Allaiter ou pas – pourquoi tant d’émotions ? ?

Arte: Le lait maternel – Un élixir de santé (50 minute long report more about breast milk than breastfeeding)

From the Maison des Maternelles: Allaitement : comment le faire durer?


The Guardian: Painting of Nursing Mother Wins BP Portrait Award 2017

Breasfeeding While Black: Let’s Normalize It

Women’s Health Today: Should HIV+ Mothers Breastfeed?

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Tetees Entetees: @tetees_entetees

Pregnant Chicken: @pregnantchicken (not purely breastfeeding but often good info and personal experiences)


InfoAllaitement86: @infoallaitement86

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