Mini-Guide to the CAFEP CAPES

This is my “mini-guide” to the CAFEP CAPES in English, a compilation of information from my own experience of taking the CAFEP CAPES to become a teacher in a private school in France, as an American.

Edit: In 2014, the Ministry of Education added the condition of European citizenship for the CAFEP CAPES. In 2015, this was gone from the registration requirements. It’s safest to check the Ministry of Education website to see where they’re at with this at any given time (seriously). See this article or this one (both in French) for more info.

So, a quick and perhaps obvious caveat: This “guide” is in no way official (hence the repetitive quotation marks), and is only meant as an aid to future potential cafep-iens, especially non-Europeans.


  1. CAPES Basics and Self-Introduction
  2. More Overview of the CAFEP CAPES
  3. Paperasse: Registration, Validation of Foreign Diplomas, and Your Antécedents Judiciaires
  4. The Accord Collégial
  5. The CNED
  6. The Written Exams
  7. The Oral Exams
  8. Useful Other Stuff
  9. After You Pass: Carte de Séjour, Affectation, etc.
  10. Useful Links

Otherwise, if you’re interested in my own personal experience, I chronicled my CAFEP adventure on my blog fairly well, and you can find it under the tag CAFEP CAPES.

I’d be happy to answer any questions. You can contact me privately using the form below, but, as always, there’s a public comment field at the bottom of this post.

One thought on “Mini-Guide to the CAFEP CAPES

  1. MarciJohnson says:

    I’m planning on taking the intern but I need to work on my Masters first. You post was very helpful. Thanks alot!

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