So much good news today!

Here I will present it in many disorganized, badly described links.

Finally, what I wanted to hear. When I went to CNN’s webpage this morning, the first breaking news I saw was that Tom Delay’s old seat went to a Democrat. See, being evil really doesn’t pay off in the end, or help your party. (Faithful readers may recall an earlier unbridled rant of mine.) On a related topic, Chet Edwards won again.

The good news keeps coming in exciting, surprising (for me) pieces. Some of it just feels like icing on the cake.

Especially surprising, although not so much when I think about it, was this one. A&M will have to find a new president, I guess.

Not living in the country, I’m oblivious to some exciting things. Mala pointed me toward this one. And then there are one or two other things that are exciting, even though they would only affect me if I moved to Vermillion and got pregnant or wanted to marry a woman in Phoenix. And last of all, only one piece of disappointing news.

Ode to Livebox

Today I had several ideas I scrounged up for what to do with my time. Go to the mediateque and take out a movie. Wander up to the Haute Ville and take some pictures. Buy some groceries, including a smelly candle for my smelly room. Walk past the office for new arrivals to town and see if I could find out any information.

All of those hesitant plans when completely down the drain when R and I successfully set up the internet this morning. Now, I’m not completely sure it won’t go away when I turn off my computer, so I won’t be voluntarily turning off my computer anytime soon. This set-up took some brainpower, since not only were the instructions in French (which we could both handle), but also when we encountered errors on R’s computer, I was up against a PC in German. She ended up calling her dad.

Anyway, I bought and downloaded some tv shows today, talked to some people on IM, and called my parents, although that was on my spiffy new phone, not on my computer. I got the contract yesterday and the month restarts tomorrow so I had three hours to use up for today. I’ve used about an hour, so if anyone wants me to call them in the next four hours, well, they should let me know. Somehow. Anyway, if you need to call me, I know it’s expensive, but the number is in my facebook profile. Otherwise, you can e-mail me, and eventually that will be delivered to my phone. I am once again in the land of the living.

Writing down all those things I meant to maybe do today makes it sound pathetic that I spent the day in my room. On the contrary, when I did go out to get groceries, the buildings seemed prettier, the sun brighter, the people nicer, and I ran into R in the line at the supermarket. The internet makes everything better. It’s so much like drugs.

So, the Twins are out. I have to say that was a little bit pathetic, taking the central division away from the Tigers at the last minute, and then squandering it. But it’s okay, the Tigers have made a decent showing against the Yankees, and they’ll surely be back next year. And of course they aren’t out yet.

I’m a little hungry now so I should go conjure up some food.

It was after all hard to leave.

Really hard. Even when Bowling for Soup came up pretty quick on my driving playlist.

I have so few keys on my keychain now–my car and my dad’s house. It feels kinda empty. Good thing I have that homestarrunner keyring to lend it some life (or something). I have no clue where I packed a lot of things, including my spare car key. This’ll be interesting.

I’ve bumped my plans for a day and am in Wisconsin with family but will cross the border into Texas sometime on Tuesday and finally reach home (and puppy #1) on Wednesday. Just in case you’re curious.

Bitches, Man

This is just balls. I might as well be in Texas. In fact, I’d be better off in Texas, because then I’d have air conditioning. I wouldn’t be pointing the fan at myself while I sleep and taking cold showers before going to bed. I resent this, world. Shame on you for leading me to think Minnesota summer was so great.

I’m reading Three Junes and it’s making me wonder about all these expats who have such an easy time moving to New York or Greece and fit in so easily. What is it that does it? Money? Brains?

I’m thinking of becoming a librarian. I think it’s a good idea, but it conjures up thoughts of The Music Man and a racy sexy librarian novel I read part of in Cosmo years ago.

Also I just watched Say Anything for the first time and it was great.

Allergies have begun their annual attack. Every April in Minnesota my body decides to be self-defeating. It’s way fun. Also, my summer living plans fell through, so now I need a place to live. But hurrah for three day weekends.

Grace has gone to Iowa and left me her car, which is delightful. I think a lot about how well I’ve gotten to know this neighorbood over the course of four years here. I think especially about the walk home, mostly when I’m in the middle of it. Partway through last semester I determined the halfway spot, identifiable by the feeling that, whichever way I’m facing from it, it feels as though I’m nearing my destination. I discovered it through impatience, knowing that although sometimes I feel that passing the bike shop means I’m getting close, in the other direction, it means I haven’t really gotten anywhere, and I don’t want to give myself short shrift either way. I don’t know why it matters, but now every time I pass the midde building of the fire station I think about turning around and imagining myself eight hours earlier (or later, whichever fits) heading the other direction. I haven’t measured it, of course, but I’m pretty sure it’s as exactly halfway as matters.

Anyway, I dunno, most of the places I pass on the walk to and from school aren’t destinations, they’re just landmarks. I guess the liquor store sometimes makes an exception, and hopefully, when it gets warmer, so will Dairy Queen (which by the way is now open for spring). But I think that my level of comfort and impatience with this walk signals how well I know the place. I know exactly how many chances I have to cross Snelling and at which places I’ll have to wait the longest. I think a lot of my memories get tied up to specific spots, like the time I thought I saw someone I used to know sitting at at able in Starbucks. I’m pretty sure I imagined it, but I think about this person every time I pass the place now. It’s been a few months. I think I have a lot of routine thoughts tied up to this routine walk.

So I finally realized (again, a few months ago, and now I think about it every other time I walk home) that it’s pretty nice how well I know this place, and that I know it a lot better than I did in October of 2002 when I didn’t know where Selby was. I’ll hopefully be in France next year, in TBA small town, and I’m a little nervous but I’m going to forge ahead because I think I like new places in my life and I think I need them. But I’m wondering what it will feel like to get somewhere entirely new where I speak the language only rustily, and where I think opening my mouth for more than two words will announce “Stranger!”. Will that anonymous place become familiar? Will it become tied to my thoughts as intimately as this place has? And if it does, isn’t that kind of amazing? I hope it does. I’m placing some kind of faith in myself in my ability to subplant and adjust and change the way I see places. Not even places, really, just spots.

PS Yes, I am listening to this song because it was in a tv ad for that new show.