Going places

Over the past few weeks I’ve done a little light traveling, to places within driving distance, I mean, I guess. I probably could have driven to Manchester, though I don’t really know how long that would take.

During the Toussaint vacation I flew Ryanair up to Manchester to visit my good friend Laurel. I didn’t take many pictures but we did see this very old building:


and this very old building, the John Rylands Library.


I actually didn’t even take my camera, so all of these pictures are from the iPhone. Manchester was mostly nice to us in terms of weather, and we spent time at the Manchester Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and seeing Josh Ritter perform. I was surprised by how cheap going out was in England—brunch for 8 pounds!

Then this past weekend, Julien took his Friday off and we went for four days (including Monday November 11th) down south to see friends of his that have moved down there.

We drove through the Tarn and ran into this crowd:


We stopped first in Marseille, where we spent Saturday in the Calanques.

Julien did some climbing while I enjoyed this horrible view:




We had fantastic weather that day, as you can see from the sun reflecting on the rocks.

Find the rock-climber

Find the rock-climber


This one’s from the iPhone’s new panorama setting.

Sunshine gave way to sunset as we neared evening.




We spent Sunday and Monday in Sète and in Montpelier, and then drove back home Monday afternoon/evening.

Sète from above

Sète from above

Sète seemed like a charming place, though our friends there are fairly unhappy with the southern attitude. For now and for the foreseeable future we’re happy to stay in Poitiers. But since they’re in the process of buying a house we’ll have to return there soon!


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